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hi welocme to versailles rhapsody ^^ join with us if you are philharmonic Smile

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 Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- Announced New Single『Philia』

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PostSubject: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- Announced New Single『Philia』   Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:06 am

Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-'s new single, Philia, will be released at March 16th. This song is theme song of mini drama that will be broadcasted by MBS and TVK on January 17th.

it will be released in three types:

[b]Limited Edition A (WPZL-30255 / 6): MAXI + DVD
¥ 1,890 (TAX IN) [/b]
★ DVD with (30 minutes) LIVE from Versailles World Tour 2010 "Method of Inheritance"-GRAND FINAL-CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES at SHIBUYA CC Lemon Hall (2010.9.4):
- Rosen Schwert
- PRINCESS-Revival of church-
- Catharsis
- Reminiscence
- desert apple
- Aristocrat's, Symphony
- Sympathia

[b]Limited Edition B (WPZL-30257 / Cool: MAXI + DVD
¥ 1,500 (TAX IN) [/b]
★ DVD recording with "Philia" PV

[b]Limited Edition (WPCL-10925): MAXI only
¥ 1,200 (TAX IN) [/b]

CD (3 songs in total) * Limited Edition collection music is common, Limited Edition A · B ·
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PostSubject: Re: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- Announced New Single『Philia』   Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:14 pm

The cover of the new single has been release. And they are all awesome!
Type B is the most remarkable one. Versailles in BLACK!! cyclops
Very very awesome!
Then...the reguler type cover...I thought it's Kamijo from the back Laughing
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Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- Announced New Single『Philia』
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